Structural Engineer’s Reports

  • Mottram Old Hall Farm, Mottram

Structural Engineer’s Reports

Atkinson Peck carries out Structural Inspections and prepares Structural Engineers Reports for domestic, commercial and industrial properties or for external structural elements such as retaining walls, land slip or subsidence of hard-standings etc. Such reports are prepared by highly experienced Chartered Engineers, for a variety of situations and reasons, including the following:-

  • Purchasers of properties, following identification of potential structural problems within a valuation or survey report, either to obtain a mortgage or allay any structural concerns.
  • Owners of properties wishing to sell or simply concerned about symptoms of cracking and movement developing within their property.
  • Owners of properties, looking to perform internal alterations; require assurance that proposed changes do not affect any load-bearing element or compromise the properties stability.
  • Insurance claims on behalf of the insured or insurer with regard to foundation subsidence, heave, flooding or fire damage etc.
  • Expert Witness Reports, relating to structural problems, negligence or personal injury claims.
  • Construction disputes on behalf of owners or contractors.

Should the initial inspection make recommendation for further investigative works, we can assist in arranging these and in preparing an investigation report. These can include:-

  • Trial-hole investigations of foundation and ground conditions.
  • Investigation of structural elements within the superstructure of a building.
  • Monitoring of structural movement.
  • Investigation of the integrity of below ground drainage systems in relation to structural issues.

All our reports confirm their purpose, record symptoms of movement, findings of investigations et cetera and provide concise conclusions and recommendations for remedial action. They will incorporate sketches and photographs as applicable to illustrate findings and recommendations. Costing advice for any recommended remedial work can also be provided.

We are appreciative of tight timescales that are often applicable and can usually act and prepare reports at short notice if required. Reports are usually issued in digital and/or paper format. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and for a no obligation quotation.