Structural Design

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Structural Engineering Design Services

As can be seen from our Practice Profile, a large proportion of Atkinson Pecks technical staff are well qualified, widely experienced, Chartered Civil and Structural Engineers. Each project, no matter how large or small will fall under the guidance of a Chartered Engineer; normally one of our Directors or Associates. For larger projects we find that utilising a close knit project team under the direction of an experienced member of staff ensures that design work is carried out in an efficient manner. We also take great pride, with any commission, in tailoring the solution to best fit the particular requirements of the client and project.

We are assisted in our efficiency and solution optimization by our computer system and software, which is updated on a regular basis to remain up to speed with latest technology and advancement. The latest analysis and design software provides a tool for quickly revealing the best solution to any problem, be it substructure or superstructure. Designs are then turned into general arrangement and detail drawings, sometimes automatically, using AutoCAD software.

We offer the full range of design services right through from feasibility studies and conceptual design through to tender and detailed design for construction, followed by monitoring works on site if required. We work closely with all other design team members, particularly Architects, clients and contractors. We have a reputation for being a pro-active team member and producing on time.

As can be seen by the large number of successfully completed projects profiled, Atkinson Peck are experienced in carrying out Structural Design within a variety of Sectors including Education (new build schools and extensions), Residential (large housing estates and large bespoke mansions), Healthcare (hospitals and nursing/care homes), Retail (retail parks), Transportation, Commercial (city centre development) and Conservation (historic building renovation).

Atkinson Peck are regularly engaged under a variety of Client/Contractor appointments including both ‘Traditional’ and ‘Design & Build’ contracts. Irrespective of the type of contract utilized, we strive to maintain a focus on the structural design solutions being economically viable whilst considering Health & Safety issues relating to build-ability.

Among others the followings design services are provided:-

  • Design of various substructure solutions to suit the ground conditions encountered during site investigations including traditions strips/trench foundations, raft foundations or piled foundations, possibly in combination with ground improvement techniques.
  • Design of superstructure to various building forms including structural elements constructed in structural steelwork, aluminium, composite steelwork, reinforced concrete, masonry, reinforced masonry and timber. The experience gained by Atkinson Peck over the years has also resulted in a full knowledge of the unique issues associated with individual types of structure in a variety of different materials.