Royal Oak Brewery, Cooper Street, Stockport

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  • Royal Oak Brewery, Cooper Street, Stockport

Royal Oak Brewery, Cooper Street, Stockport

Equity's landmark development at the locally listed Royal Oak Brewery in Stockport was officially opened on 13th July 2012 by Local MP Ann Coffey, with members of the design team and other local dignitaries and partners in attendance.

The brewery which dates from the 19th Century was closed by Whitbread in 1957. Over the subsequent years the building and its eye-catching large chimney fell into disrepair, to such an extent that demolition was threatened. Now the site has been transformed into an exciting new housing development that provides 51 stunning new apartments.

Housed within the retained historic building and two new contemporary wings; the new apartments enclose a south facing courtyard which provide amenity space and a secure play area.

From the projects inception nearly 10 years ago, the complexities of the site require various issues to be overcome. Initial works included an archaeological excavation which allowed the retention of important historical features such as the original chimney and luccam.

Various site investigation issues also had to be resolved including remediation of site contamination and examination of existing deep wells/boreholes previously utilised as a source of potable water for the brewery.

Pictures courtesy of Eddy Rhead