Quarry Bank - Hydro-electric & Fish Pass – Opening Ceremony

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  • Quarry Bank - Hydro-electric & Fish Pass – Opening Ceremony

Quarry Bank - Hydro-electric & Fish Pass – Opening Ceremony

In April 2015, the Environment Agency and National Trust were delighted to officially open the fish pass and hydro-electric power scheme at Quarry Bank Mill, located just downstream from Quarry Bank Mills historic weir on the River Bollin. Martin Davenport attended the ceremony on behalf of Atkinson Peck, having acted throughout as Clients Civil Engineering Project Supervisor.

Since 1784 when the Mill was founded by Samuel Greg, the weir was used to harness the waterpower of the River Bollin, driving a huge water wheel which in turn powered the spinning and weaving machines. With the new scheme, generation of water-powered energy has ben taken to a new level through the use of a Kaplan turbine installed 30 metres downstream from the weir. The turbine will generate enough electricity to meet 55% of Quarry Bank’s on-site energy requirements.

Previously inhibited by numerous weirs constructed during the North Wests industrial past; construction of a ‘Larinier Fish Pass’ (a rectangular channel with baffles to slow down the water) alongside the turbine, will again allow the migration of fish such as salmon or trout, to the upper reaches of the River Bollin, for the first time since 1784 when Samuel Greg built the Mill.

It is hoped that significant improvements in the water quality of the Mersey Basin will also lead to re-colonisation of other locally extinct species.