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New Warehouse Unit – Renthal Ltd, Corrie Way, Bredbury

New Warehouse Unit – Renthal Ltd, Corrie Way, Bredbury

Atkinson Peck previously assisted Renthal and their appointed contractor 'Hyde Constuction' with structural engineering advice to facilitate reprovision of an existing fire damaged portal frame building back in 2007. Based on this experience, when the provision of additional fabrication and warehousing space was required, we were again approached to offer expert advice to facilitate to construction of a new high bay industrial unit.

In addition to providing Civil & Structural design advice for both the substructure and superstructure, Atkinson Peck also took on the role of Architect. Working on behalf of Stynson Construction and together with specialist advice from a number of sub-consultants Atkinson Peck were able to submit and obtain both Planning and Building Regulation approval.

As required by the client, the ground bearing floor slab, which incorporated a gas protection membrane, heavy duty insulation and a geovoid; was designed to accommodate a variety of building usages, including leg loads for industrial racking extending up to 8.0m height.

A subsequent planning and building regulation application included for a link structure to connect between the existing and new industrial units. Particular attention had to be given to the waterproofing detail between the new and existing structure.