Industrial & Warehouses

  • Ferguson Polycom Ltd, Gateway 22, Chadderton

The Industrial & Warehouses Sector

Atkinson Peck has extensive experience in the industrial sector, including large span structures for distribution centres, storage facilities and production facilities. Often the building substructure and superstructure has to be designed to accommodate the specific requirements of the end user.

Typically large span structures such as portal frames are utilised to maximize usable space and provide future adaptability. Whilst efficient functional designs can readily be produced using structural analysis software, value can also often be added to the building by combining this with elegant architectural/structural solutions.

Typically the superstructure design for such buildings will incorporate administration blocks, industrial loading bay doors or steel runway beams for the support of girder cranes. Heavy duty floor construction can be designed to facilitate high bay racking, partial mezzanine floors, or a variety of floor mounted lifting systems (i.e. jib cranes, runway beams). Floor slabs can also be designed to incorporate pits, sumps, bunds, plenums and drainage channels as required by the end user. Areas of external hard-standing can be designed for HGV access and storm-water drainage discharge.

We have also been involved with the alterations, adaptions and refurbishment of industrial facilities to accommodate relocation or incorporation of new plant/equipment. Often the structural adequacy of the existing structure has to be verified to support the new loading requirements. In these instances significant challenges have been met to allow the adaption works to be constructed or phased in such a way that production can continue, or downtime be minimised, whilst giving due consideration to health and safety.