Halo House –Prefabricated Hemispherical Timber House

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  • Halo House – Prefabricated Hemispherical Timber House

Halo House –Prefabricated Hemispherical Timber House

In conjunction with our client ‘Halo Living’, Atkinson Peck has developed a system for the construction of hemispherical timber houses that can be factory produced (as a kit of prefabricated panels) and shipped to potential site throughout the Northern Hemisphere ready for assembly.

The structure, which has been designed to relevant Eurocode’s and site specific wind loading, consists of four levels of trapezoidal panels, joined with connector plates. All components of the house are to be manufactured in China using locally sourced timber.

A prototype ‘Halo House’ has been successfully constructed in the Chinese province of Genlouzen and has gained Passivhaus standards for thermal performance and exceptional airtightness.

There are no internal supports to the hemisphere, so the internal layout can be tailored to the client’s requirements. The prototype for example was fitted out with a mezzanine level over half the plan area.

The trial construction included, shingle roof tiles supported off timber batons, insulation and internal timber cladding. A part first floor constuction formed using radial timber joists, supported off an internal feature staircase was also incorporated.

We are currently in the process of ‘value engineering’ the connections between the panels based on feedback gained in construction of the prototype.