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Ferguson Polycom Ltd

Fothergill Polycom Ltd (formerly Ferguson Polycom Ltd), are manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber-coated fabrics, based in Oldham. As part of an on-going programme of investment, new premises were purchased at Victoria Mill in Chadderton.

'B & E Boys' beat off stiff competition to win the 16 week £1.6 million contract to fit out the custom designed Gateway 22 manufacturing facility. The project involved the installation of several manufacturing areas, associated staff and personnel facilities and installation of a Toluene Plant. Much of the manufacturing equipment had to be relocated from the existing premises, whilst minimising downtime.

Structural involvement included, checking the structural adequacy of existing floor slabs to support the loading requirements of new equipment and plant installations - in some cases strengthening works had to be implemented. Structural steelwork design included freestanding lifting beam support systems and structural steel frameworks to support large diameter external ducting runs. Liquid retaining structures, chimneys and sprinkler tank bases were also designed.