Construction Line

Atkinson Peck: Construction Line

Registration to 'Constructionline'

Atkinson Peck, were first registered for Constructionline in the year 2000 and have continued ever since to meet pre‐qualification requirements appropriate to public and private sector procurement. Our registration number is 32744.

Constructionline is the UK’s largest register of qualified construction services. It is designed to streamline pre-qualification procedures, increase quality and reduce costs by supplying the construction industry and its clients with a single national qualification system. That is, a system of vetting contractors and consultants according to strict technical and financial criteria.

Created and owned by the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR), Constructionline is a key part of the Government’s drive to improve quality and efficiency in the construction industry.

Registration to Constructionline acts as an assurance of a firm’s quality and means that they have met the required technical and financial standards as laid down by DETR for work in the public and private sector. There are currently many clients using Constructionline to select qualified contractors and consultants for work opportunities. These include Central Government Departments, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, NHS Trusts, Universities and private sector organisations.

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