Conservation & Restoration

  • Mottram Old Hall Farm, Mottram

The Conservation & Restoration Sector

Atkinson Peck has extensive experience of historic building restoration, listed or otherwise, including traditional oak-framed structures from various eras, wrought and cast iron framed structures and load bearing masonry structures (including churches of various forms), which utilise construction techniques for a variety of different floor and roof systems.

Over the years we have built an impressive portfolio of projects for clients such as the National Trust, whilst experience has also been gained working on projects in conjunction with English Heritage and Local Authority Conservation Officers.

Our philosophy for the conservation and the restoration of historic buildings is to first understand the original construction and how it has been developed and altered over the years. Once this has been achieved alterations can be designed or problems solved in a way sympathetic to the original construction.

Most historic buildings have structural components that were not formally designed by a structural engineer, but were rather selected by the craftsmen of the time from available materials. We have the experience to provide advice on the structural adequacy of deteriorated structural components and the need for respectful repairs or replacement of existing features, using where possible materials that are in keeping with the existing fabric.

We are able to combine modern engineering techniques with an appreciation of the construction practices of yesteryear to produce sound and sensible structural engineering solutions for repair and restoration of all types of building.