Building Refurbishment

  • Rutherford House, Birchwood Park , Warrington

Building Refurbishment

With time, many existing buildings and structures fall into disuse, either through lack of maintenance or no longer being suitable for their original use. Other buildings may have been poorly designed or constructed, leading to development of problems down the line. With appropriate adaptations and refurbishment however, disused buildings can brought back into use and problematic buildings given a new lease of life.

Over the years, Atkinson Peck have gained extensive experience in the refurbishment and remodelling of existing buildings and structures to meet current standards. Senior members of staff at Atkinson Peck are familiar with the various construction techniques prevalent in both newer buildings and those of a historic interest (including listed buildings), together with the appropriate reinstatement/refurbishment methods and materials to be utilised. Such experience has been gained over a range of building types, encompassing sectors which include commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare and residential.

Where a change of use is envisaged or additional floors/mezzanines are to be added, our engineers will carry out a desk based appraisal of the structural capacity of the existing building together where necessary with intrusive investigations to determine the structural capacity of a building frame and its foundations. Where appropriate, a scheme for strengthening the buildings fabric can be devised, often utilising innovative solutions.

Atkinson Peck also prepares condition surveys of existing buildings, including diagnosis and monitoring of potential defects.